Campaign Crowdfunding Clarification – what happens to the money donated?

UPDATE 25/10/2017 – Balance of Funds from Crowdfunding to be Donated to Local Schools

Funds will be used for legal and expert technical support. We will not be using the funds for any incidental or minor expenses and we will publish statements and receipts on the website to remain open and transparent. Several of us have already incurred personal expense in furthering HAPPL aims.

This expert support is required NOW. WE CANNOT WAIT UNTIL THE FORMAL PLANNING APPLICATION IS SUBMITTED, we must assemble all our legal and technical arguments before then. This may involve both lawyers and survey costs for alternative sites.

IF there are any funds left at the end of the campaign we will split them between charities which benefit the Highlands.

If anyone is unhappy with this please do not donate but if you do…..


Thank you for your support!