NEWS: SPS pausing the planning consultation for Milton Of Leys

WE HAVE SOME NEWS, no need to attend at Inshes Church tomorrow!

SPS Statement on the Consultation Process on Proposed Prison Site for HMP Highland

SPS are today pausing the planning consultation process on the proposed prison site at Milton of Leys to ascertain if a viable alternative option is available for the location of HMP Highland. As a consequence, the second public consultation meeting proposed for Tuesday 28 June at the Inches [sic] Church, Inverness is postponed. SPS will progress an assessment of an alternative option which has been brought forward by the Milton of Leys site owner and which had not previously been available as a potential prison site. However, the full assessment of this site is not yet commenced and should this option not subsequently prove viable, SPS have a commitment to progress the planning application on the Milton of Leys site.

It is anticipated that the assessment of the potential alternative site can be concluded within the next four to six months and a further statement will be made in due course.

Contact: Tom Fox, Head of Corporate Affairs
0131 244 8463

Fergus Ewing MSP, we are extremely grateful for your support and guidance in achieving this position.