From the Press: New Prison Site Identified 

The Inverness Courier and The Press & Journal have been reporting on the potential new prison location.

Stratton was on the original call for sites but this is now the preferred location as we understand it. This is an industrial site previously zoned for industrial use and far more appropriate.

We can only hope their source is reliable! Progress being made none the less.


POEM – Modern Art

Let’s make the gateway pretty
Let’s put up some modern art
We’re catering for tourists
So we’d better look the part

We can’t have people thinking
We don’t care about our town
We can’t have them drive all this way
For us to let them down

We need to make them sit up
And take notice of this city
We don’t want them to think
That we’re deserving of their pity

So let’s build something different
Something they can’t ignore
Let’s put up a new monument
Along the Beauly shore

Or how about a marker stone
As they come from the west?
Something to celebrate the fact
That we’re one of the best

Perhaps some kind of statue
On the road from Aberdeen?
Some flowers on Longman roundabout
To make the landscape green?

What about a tilting pier
On the riverside?
That will bring them flocking
At the rising of the tide

Or maybe we’ll just build a prison
That would look just fine
At the highest viewpoint
As they drive up the A9

© Sandra Proctor 2016

Download a printable version here (PDF File): HAPPL Campaign – Modern Art


POEM – Fait Accompli

It doesn’t seem to matter
And they just don’t seem to care
How many folk are bothered
If they build the prison there

It seems they do not care about
The Inner Moray Firth
Or care about our heritage
And how much it is worth

They had a choice of other places
Other plots of land
They didn’t look too hard at them
Dismissed them out of hand

They kept it very quiet
Worked away behind the scenes
Had meetings and discussions
About what their plans would mean

I’m sure they must have realised
That folk would be put out
That there would be objections
Folk would want to talk about

I’m sure they must have known
That this location isn’t right
That folk would not be happy
And would be prepared to fight

But they thought if they waited
Said no word to you or me
That they could just present it to us
A ‘fait accompli’

They thought they’d ‘rubber stamp’ it
And there’d be no questions asked
They thought they could avoid a fuss
And their plans would be passed

They hoped that we would not find out
Until it was too late
They hoped we would accept it
Would believe it was our fate

Well that’s not going to happen
For we’re going to have our say
They will not build their prison
Up above Balvonie Braes

© Sandra Proctor 2016

Download a printable version here (PDF File): HAPPL Campaign – Fait Accompli