We Understand an SPS Announcement is Imminent on the Alternative Site

We trust it is going to come to fruition however we just want to make a little statement on behalf of your Campaign.

We have fought this long and hard. We have never ever ceased. It has been a single issue campaign to right a wrong. We have used every avenue available to deliver the just result. There will be local and national politicians who will promote the success of the campaign for political ends and to gain votes and that is absolutely understood and expected. We do appreciate their continued support, however (and this is the caveat) don’t be naive enough to think it was delivered only by them as individuals.

What is important is that when both Fergus Ewing and Edward Mountain declared their opposition at our public meeting they have continued to support us, thank you. This win has absolutely been delivered with their support but also by us being non-partisan and using every networking opportunity and holding the establishment to account.

We have spent countless hours and had so much support from all sorts of people, organisations and business. We couldn’t have done it without you and it is very much appreciated. You were all a part of this, you should all be extremely proud of what you have achieved so far.